Fall in Love with Listening!

This Fall, we would like to share some of our “apple-solute” favorites pieces with you!

The Faber Teachers have hand picked a list of recommended listening.  Click on a playlist below to start listening.

As you listen, here are some questions to guide your listening adventure:

  • What musical sounds or genres do you enjoy listening to most?
  • What musical techniques did the composer use to create the composition? (large ensemble, solo, clapping, singing, talking, plucking)
  • How does the music make you feel? (joyful, sad, excited, confused, curious)
  • What dynamics do you hear? (forte, mezzo forte, mezzo piano, piano)
  • Do you hear different articulations? (Staccato, legato, accented, detached)
  • Can you count the meter? (3/4, 4/4)
  • Can you distinguish the tonality? (minor, major, or modal)

Students, we’d love hear your favorites too! Next time you’re in for your lesson, fill out an apple and share with us what you’re listening to.

Listening Playlists:

Amber’s Top Picks

Annie’s Top Picks

Jon’s Top Picks

Justin’s Top Picks

Kate’s Top Picks

Veena’s Top Picks